Keeping a journal, or sharing your story, can be cathartic, a stress-reliever, or an enjoyable experience.  This page, similar to a blog, gives you a fresh sheet of paper on which to express your joys and concerns, air your frustrations, ask questions, get answers, help others, etc. 

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“I know autism has been around for a long time, but now it seems as though everyone knows someone with a child who has autism.  That’s actually a good thing because I learned so much about the disorder when my son Danny was diagnosed, just by asking questions of everyone I met.  Today there is a lot more information about treatments, therapies and programs that can help you.  Danny is 14 years old now, and has come such a long way that I can hardly believe he’s the same kid.  We are fortunate that he’s been able to attend an inclusion class in our middle school and is now beginning a vocational skills program.  I am optimistic that he will continue to improve and become more self-sufficient – he works so hard at school and the support he gets is amazing.”

Mary W.