March 2013 News

U.S. autism estimates climb to 1 in 50 school-age children

February 2013 News


Feds Omit ABA Therapy From New Insurance Requirements

Girls May Be Naturally Resistant To Autism

State Challenges School Using Shock Therapy

Folic Acid May Reduce Autism Risk

LabCorp invests $2M in diagnostic startup to identify autism spectrum disorder risk

Social Security to Halt Paper Checks

DJ Apologizes for Mocking a Woman with a Disability

Autism Friendly "Spider Man" on Broadway Planned

Students with Autism Lead Toward STEM Majors

Researchers Spot Attention Deficits in Babies Who Later Develop Autism


January 2013 News


Beauty Queen With Autism Vies For Miss America Title

New Smartphone App Helps Autistic Children Communicate

Autism Speaks Awards $4.8 Million in New Research Grants

Autism Benefits Lagging Under Federal Health Care Reform

'Ava's Mom' Urges Insurance Reform in New Video

Obama Signs Bill Expanding ABA Care for Military Kids

Study Questions Early Intervention Eligibility Criteria

In Shooting’s Aftermath, Autism Backlash Feared