Ways to Donate

We invite you to help the Autism Resources Center realize its mission through a range of donor opportunities: 

Cash and Securities

Your cash donation to PARC will be earmarked to benefit the Autism Resource Center and help to improve the quality of life for individuals with ASDs and other developmental disabilities.  Gifts of appreciated securities (e.g. stocks, bonds) can benefit both the donor and PARC’s Autism Resource Center.

Matching Gift and Volunteer Incentive Programs

Be sure to check with your company’s benefits administrator … many businesses match their employees’ contributions to non-profit organizations such as PARC. Your generosity – and your company’s – goes even farther! 

Special Project or Fund

Special projects such as the development of this Autism Resource Center web site often require special funds. If you are interested in funding a specific part of the Autism Resource Center, we would be happy to hear about your thoughts. 


Gifts and services given in-kind are a practical way to support the Autism Resource Center. From computers and desk furniture to toys and books, the staff and volunteers at PARC are grateful for gifts that supplement our operating budget.

Honorarium and Memorial Tributes

A gift in someone’s honor or memory affords you a creative opportunity to pay tribute or give thanks to that special family member or friend.

Planned Gifts

Planned Gifts, including wills, annuities, charitable remainder trusts, life insurance, and IRA’s, among others, are graciously accepted at PARC in support of the Autism Resource Center.

United Way Designated Giving

Your United Way gift can easily be designated to benefit PARC.  On your donor form, simply indicate PARC as your choice.