As you learn more about Autism Spectrum Disorders, meet more parents, educators, and professionals in the community, you will be able to find the help you need.  To get you started, the Autism Resource Center has listed as many resources as possible.  Information changes quickly; however, we will do our best to keep the details correct and current.  Please let us know if you have found a great program, community resource, or anything at all that you think others would find useful. The resources listed here are not endorsed or recommended by the Autism Resource Center, but are meant to help you learn more about what’s available in the area and point you in the right direction.



The Autism Resource Center, which is operated by Putnam ARC, provides the information on this website for information and education purposes only and is not engaged in rendering medical services or professional services.  Putnam ARC has not reviewed all of the websites cited on this website, nor does Putnam ARC in any way endorse any of the resources listed on this website; the information is provided solely for information and education  purposes.