Making Sense of the Evaluation

A child from birth to age three also may be evaluated by a state agency early intervention program.  There is no cost associated with an evaluation which may done be at a nearby evaluation site or in your own home.  When children reach age five, evaluations are administered by the local school district.

To learn about New York State's Early Intervention Program and to obtain a state evalution, click here.

An evaluation by a state agency or school district serves to classify a child’s disability and to access treatment services that may be provided by the state or school district. 

Autism evaluations also may be performed at many hospitals and university clinics that often offer a multi-disciplinary approach to an evaluation.  Clinical evaluations may recommend a specific treatment plan for your child.

The evaluation process may include your child’s development history, a cognitive assessment, play and behavioral evaluations, and emotional and adaptive functioning assessments.  If indicated, additional testing may be added, such as occupational and physical therapy assessments.  The collective evaluation will result in a comprehensive report with test results and notes on observation. Following evaluation and diagnosis, families are better prepared to choose appropriate treatment and educational programming.