Managing Treatment & Therapies

Experts believe that early diagnosis and treatment are key to helping children with ASDs improve overall function and develop to reach their full potential.  Because early intervention is so important, it is essential to begin treatment as soon as possible once your child has been diagnosed.

Treatment strategies will be tailored to your child’s individual needs, and may include behavioral training and management, and / or speech, occupational and physical therapy. To decide on the best treatment for your child, a good place to start is with the recommendations made by the professionals who diagnosed ASD and the team that evaluated your child.

You will want to learn as much as possible about treatment options so you are able to ask questions, determine the best strategy for your child, become involved and understand your child’s progress.  Depending on the age of your child, treatments may begin at home or in a school-based setting. 

Community support and parent training are available to help you manage treatments and therapies.  Contact an advocacy group or talk to your pediatrician to find support and training.